Talking to people

Learn practical conversation skills.

Improve your smalltalk.

Connecting to people

Learn to make online and offline friends.

Find out how to connect to people on dating apps.

Dealing with stress

Learn to handle social stress better.

Find out what to do when you're overwhelmed.

Building confidence

Confidence is key in social interactions.

Learn how to build your social confidence.

Fighting your gremlins

Control your negative self-talk.

Improve your mindset.

How Social Nerd Coaching can help you

Fly solo

You want to work alone.

You're perfectly capable of building your social skills alone, you just need to know what to do.


The Social Nerd Guide is for you.

Weekly steps

You want to improve on a weekly basis.

You know you need to do something every week to build your social skills.

Let's do it.

You can sign up for weekly steps.


You want to make progress, fast.

You want to build your social skills quickly and boost your social confidence rapidly.


Personal coaching is ideal for you.