How we help you

The core of Social Nerd Coaching is, as you might have guessed, coaching and training.

Social Nerd Coaching offers workshops, training and coaching to help you build your social skills as a nerd.

We want to help you talk to other people, to really connect to them, whether it's coworkers, family, friends or your partner.

Social skills are like the level-ups you know from games: trainable. You just need somebody who can help you along, with both your new skills and your confidence.

About me

Hi, I'm Michiel.

I'm a nerd, like you. I used to be terrible with people. Always the outlier.

At some point I got so fed up with my lack of social skills that I decided to act on it. I started researching how to connect to other people and how to bolster my confidence. It worked. Now I enjoy talking to other people.

I am now what I'd like to call a "social nerd". And I'm here to help you.